CloudFree Black Friday

This Black Friday, get the CloudFree gear you have been looking at for less!

CloudFree Smart Plug 2 - $13.00 Now $10

CloudFree Light Switch - $17.50 Now $15.00

CloudFree Motion Light Switch - $18.00 Now $16.00


Looking to flash Sonoff's S31 plug yourself? We have them available for only $7 each.

Raspberry Pi Shortage Update

Unfortunately, it seems that Raspberry Pis won't be easy to get a hold of any time soon. Our supplier of Pis, Newark, continues to push back lead times.

We still wanted to give users an easy way to run Home Assistant on so that even first time users can get up and running with their CloudFree gear, without having to wait months (as with Home Assistant Yellow) or even years.

That's why we have put together the CloudFree Black Hub. These machines have 3.5x the processing power of the Raspberry Pi 4 and utilize SSD storage for better speeds and reliability than microSD cards. They come preloaded with Home Assistant OS and have integrated Bluetooth to gather data from any Bluetooth sensors you may have around the house. These renewed Dell Optiplex machines pack a lot of power in a small package and come with a 1 year warranty. Visit the product page to get notified when more are available.